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PrimeFaces Text Editors

May 31, 2016

PrimeFaces provides three text editors as input components. One of them is a plain text editor and is an enhanced version of the standard JSF's inputTextarea component. The other two are HTML rich text editors; p:editor and pe:ckEditor.

Read and Write CSV File using H2 Tools

Oct 2, 2015

This post shows an example Java program to read and write CSV files using H2 Tools API. H2 is a Java relational database. This is an open source database with a small footprint and supports JDBC.

SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait usage Example

May 14, 2015

This post shows how to use GUI actions (asynchronous) and non-GUI (synchronous) process together to get the desired user experience using the event dispatch thread and the application threads.

GIMP: Create Multi Screen-shot Image

Apr 20, 2015

A software application may have a user guide and a product web site. Sometimes these require images with multiple screens combined as one image. This article shows how GIMP can be used to combine two or more images.

PrimeFaces p:dataTable - Scroll to Selected Row

Apr 15, 2015

This article shows customized scrolling to a row that is newly selected after it is added, updated or deleted in a PrimeFaces data table. The required scrolling is achieved using a jQuery function.